Namaste 🙏

Obfuscating, denying, ducking, 
withholding (tantamount to lying)
work their way through halls of 
non-legislating and faux justice-making
not to mention the executive branch, 
which has become the citadel of lying
and what is the end result of all these machinations?
Before our very eyes democracy dying?
Oh, it has all gone on before: evil’s mundane mendacity — 
merely a one-note Donny, 
“I'm immune! I could kiss all the guys 
but only the good looking honeys.”
With these, corporate principalities and powers
usurp that which the Constitution guarantees 
to be all of ours
and for what? 
Some seduced plead their case, “The end justifies the means.
When we get there the good we will do will be seen.”
Ah, such stupid notions and silly lies
right before our incredulous eyes.
Ah, the mundane again — money, prestige, fleeting power,
while CEOs and corporate boards glower
and minions sing,
“We are climbing Babel’s tower,
One more rung, higher, higher,
we want to be as gods and have all eternal power.”
Isn’t eternity simply love on a cross, 
suffering with and for others,
humbly telling the truth so justice doesn’t smother?
Of these, there shall be no end.
It is with these, we courageously bow 
and with praying hands offer peace,
nonviolent resistance, 
and salutations, "Namaste, my friends,"
and then "Eternal Spirit, into, thy hands, 
our spirits we commend."

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