The Investigation

The Investigation, 09/25/2011


Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Deputy Superintendent Jane Tennison and Sherlock Holmes were all gathered by Fox News


to ask the candidates questions at the debate beginning immediately after the candidates made opening statements.


A bunch of big haired guys and a petite big haired gal each said something. The crowd roared its approval.


After the statements, the panel all turned to one another with quizzical, puzzled expressions.  Each mumbled, “It’s a mystery to me.”


Holmes spoke for the group, “Elementary, my dear Watson. They are all prime suspects.”


And with that they rose and headed for the exit.  Watson opened the door.


Morse and Lewis asked about a pub for a black and tan.


Miss Marple tucked the crochet needles into her purse.


Tennison reached into her jacket’s breast pocket and pulled out a cigarette.


Poirot turned, smiled at the audience, nodded, stroked his mustaches


and closed the door.


Shortly they would all hop on the Orient Express to leave this scene behind,


A saner place in mind.



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