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She Sat in the Balcony

She sat in the balcony watching
others singing her songs. She

was honored with a Kennedy
Center Honors award. As the

singers belted out “You’re No
Good,” and “I’ve Been Cheated,”

she teared and cheered and
he was taken back to a trip to

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
and a visit to a bar late at

night in a section of town
the tourists were instructed

to avoid. Well, he made it to
the bar without incident, and

he sat watching the celebrity
love of his life — Linda — on

the big screen. He left the bar
made it back to the hotel and

when his wife asked where
he had been, he said, “Oh,

just shacking up with the
only other love of my life.”

His wife rolled over and
went back to sleep.

Stealing is not A-Okay

There has been a hand sign for a-okay
and now that hand sign has been stolen away.
and that certainly is not a-okay.

White supremacists flash it now to mean white power.
Are they hoping other ethnicities will cower
and worry that they will be devoured?

It seems the whites are the ones really scared
as evidenced by their hate being publicly aired
and so is there a way for this hateful fault-line to be repaired?

Maybe we can make an a-okay sign holding a flower
between our fingers and become vowers
to take back that sign with flower power.

Say What?

Regarding the bullying of the
female, sixteen-year-old,
Swedish environmentalist
by the Occupant because
the environmentalist is Time’s
“Person of the Year” with
her picture legitimately on
the cover unlike the fake
Time cover photo of the
Occupant, which, apparently,
hangs from the walls of some
of his properties, the First
Lady’s press secretary stated
that the First Lady’s anti-bully-
ing initiative Be Best is simply
the best and that the First Lady’s
thirteen-year-old son should be
left alone and not bullied. Say
what? The professor’s comment
applied to the Occupant not the
son. It was a clever play on
words. There was nothing playful
about the Occupant’s bullying.

They Had Coffee

He had coffee with a friend this morning.
The conversation and coffee were gourmet.
The Christmas music and holiday setting were A-okay.
Time passed without a hint anything was wrong and without any warning,

but they knew in this lulled time, the precarious situation.
They honestly and earnestly shared views and fears
about issues facing our now very vulnerable nation.
They managed to laugh when they could have shed tears.

After shaking their heads about a government seemingly out of control,
they managed a nervous chuckle about Alice and the proverbial rabbit hole.

The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

For forty years, there has been an unholy
collusion between the wealthy and our

government to stack the tax deck for the
wealthy and against the vast majority of

Americans and sell it as great capitalism
vs. evil socialism which has resulted in-

evitably in the election of a wannabe
demagogue who promises the world

to the disenfranchised who are looking
for a savior and promises more tax breaks

for the now super-rich and, and, and
that’s why all kinds of horrible things are

happening every day from the dramatic
increase in mass murders to domestic

terrorism to road rage to domestic
violence to addiction epidemics to

hate crimes, to — well, just name it
and you would be correct. And, oh,

yeah, the deterioration of a democratic
republic into totalitarian fascism or

worse, and not to be alarmist, but,
holy cow, is that even possible? Yeah.

Irony of Ironies

Irony of ironies, the Democrats
are beating the Republicans at
their own game. They have wrap-
ped themselves in patriotism, co-
opted allegiance to the flag, use
of the language of faith and de-
fense of the FBI and Department
of Justice, bulwark institutions
of US conservatives. But they
are doing it for very different
reasons. Democrats used
to criticize the federal instit-
utions for surveilling those
who protested legitimately
against a government acting
illegally and now they are up-
holding the institutions who
are trying to hold account-
able a government admin-
istration acting illegally
while the Republicans
(going far beyond where
any Democrats went in
previous protests) seem
to be saluting a despotic
old Communist.

They Say He Sniffs Out the Weaknesses

They say he sniffs out his opponents’
weaknesses like it is some kind of

compliment for an unusual ability.
That’s like saying a Chocolate Lab

has the incredible ability to sniff out
disgusting things along the sidewalk

to eat. How hard is it to sniff out
the desire for fame and fortune?

Duh. So he got power through
election and now he sniffs out

the desire of so many of elected
officials’ addiction to fame and

fortune and finds a way to call in
those cards and keep them real

close to him and beholden to him
and, basically, they have sold their

soul to him for fame and fortune.
Duh. Didn’t Faust do something

like this at the instruction of the
Devil who is really good at sniffing

out weaknesses? Is that really all
that hard?

If All Else Fails, Yell Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa

A truism joke of Debate 101
is that if you have a weak
argument, yell. Same for
sermons: if your sermon is
falling flat, raise your voice
for emphasis and authority.
Well, that is what we are see-
ing from the Republicans on
the House of Representatives’
Judiciary Committee — yelling
because there is no legitimate
argument against the facts of
impeachment, only in their case,
it is a copy of the one they copy
in all things, the Occupant and
his childish yelling when things
don’t go his way — the little
piggy who went, “’Wa, wa, wa,
wa,’ all the way home.”

Don’t Say Bye-Bye

Democrats are so very dumb
about picking a candidate;
their behavior makes me numb;
It is narrowing, as of this date,

to old (some super-rich) whites — Dems beating old drums
leaving browns and blacks to debate
off stage, wondering how to run
and get back on stage before it’s too late.

When will Democrats get up to speed
on our national diversity
instead of doing that which will impede
progress and ethnic inclusivity?

The stakes for democracy are much too high,
for the Dems, come the election, to go bye-bye.

The Powder Puff Way

It’s seventy degrees outside
and I’m watching puffballs,
cotton balls, popcorn balls
and fluff balls fly through the
air in the northern climes but
no snowballs to be found at
this time. In a hyped, hyped
interview of the president’s
AG, the AG didn’t even have
to duck what was tossed his
way. It was a balmy day in the
studio and the AG had it his
way, the president’s way and
in this case, the really tough
questioner’s powderpuff way.