a great job opportunity for those who hate

the vermin, the haters, the eradicators
sniffed and got the scent of banal hubris
coupled with narcissistic ignorance and
it smelled irresistible to their edacious
appetite so voracious. they had their
chance to feed the ego needs and feast
upon the opportunities, and so when the
time arrived, they cozied up, they thrived
and pulled the vulnerable prey away into
the sewer, unsheathed their poisonous
claws, bared their filthy fangs and went
to work with the new administration’s
criminal gang.

On Every Level

On an elementary level,
we are animals who defecate necessarily,
giving us all equality.

On an essential level,
we are a part of creation’s creativity,
giving us all equality.

On an eternal level,
we are loved and called to love, justice and mercy,
giving us all equality.

On any level,
we are called to inclusivity
in our equality.

On every level,
we are essentially, intimately holy
in our inclusive equality.

Let’s Get Some Perspective, Media

The rally drew around a hundred
right-wing, white nationalists
including a number from other
states to bolster the numbers
along with one dipsy doodle
local politician in a rural,
sparsely populated area of
western Arizona and the head-
line of the internet article
screamed alarm which is about
the equivalence in importance
of a sandlot baseball game of
twelve-year-olds to a tied
score in the ninth inning of
the seventh game of the World
Series or the threat of one
cornered mouse to a dozen
hungry crocodiles — a hundred
angry citizens in a country
of 330,149,796. It’s a whole
lot more alarmist and disheart-
ening that such an article
would even be published than
that the article would claim
newsworthy alarm from such
a paultry gathering. Is the
goal to strike fear unnecessar-
ily in the hearts of an already
anxious population to accomplish
just what — greater readership?
For shame. And you helped get
the Occupant elected. Happy now?

About The Occupant

He asked, “Doesn’t he know
how short life is and that he
will die and in his aftermath
leave a bad taste in people’s
mouths for a while and then
nothing?” She said, “No.”
“Wouldn’t you think he would
want to leave something
memorable like warmth in
hearts and smiles on faces?”
She said, “No.” “Wouldn’t you
think he would want to leave
for posterity a legacy of love,
peace, mercy and justice?”
She said, “Dear.”

Back at the Seaside Bar

They come early
and stay late
sitting at the bar
dulling themselves to fate.

Saturdays are even longer
well into the evening
the Snowbirds linger
elbows on the bar leaning.

Not morose nor sad
they lift their glasses
to cheer and be glad.
As each hour passes

the decibels rise deafening servers
just looking for good tips
(from pinchy old-timers)
hoping not to get gypped

Then abruptly it will end.
To their Gulf-side cottages
they will amend
hoping home to find.

except it is now dark;
but they will find their way
though fears are stark
forgetting it all for another day

where crackles and cackles roar —
heard ever so far
through opening doors
back at the seaside bar.

They try to live the old slogan,
“While the sun shines, make hay, ”
but they wait for the other falling brogan
signaling their unavoidable fate.


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

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The Mythic, Cosmic Christ at Christmas*

It wasn’t just baby Jesus who was born in the way
the story goes to fulfill prophecy.
The mythic, cosmic Christ was born that day
so he could live in me and thee.
and then each and every day
we would give birth to Jesus’ mercy, peace
and justice to all for eternity.

*idea from Matthew Fox paraphrasing Meister Eckhart
as stated in a meditation by Richard Rohr

Check Please

The guy sitting next to me at the bar
is named Harley. I said, “Nice to meet
you, Mr. Davidson.” “Oh, no, but I
would like his money. My last name is,”

and then I never did catch it. He is
from Minnesota and this is the first
winter that he and his wife would be
wintering at Gulf Shores. He was a

loud talker and a louder laugher and
his big body rose and fell with every
guffaw. I pictured him in a Santa out-
fit. “We’re about the same age but you

look a lot younger than I do,” he said,
which didn’t make any sense to me be-
cause we hadn’t shared ages and then
he said that my wife looks a lot young-

er than I do and his wife chimed in on
how she believed it was because I was
bald and that always makes guys look
older. I bit my tongue and added that

I am glad to be vertical and taller than
the grass and I was glad she went back
to her beer and a conversation with a
loud-mouthed woman sitting next to

her.  I told Harley a semi-dirty joke and
I thought he was going to fall off the
stool as he exclaimed for all the snow-
birds to hear, “And a dirty joke from

a preacher,” and I said to the bartender,
“Check please.”  As my wife and I headed
for the door, I exclaimed, “Merry Christmas
to all and to all — goodnight.”