Feeding our Brains

There is nothing new under the sun.
What about Gutenberg’s printing run?
Heralded as the invention of centuries,
what about the Chinese’ printing entries
four-hundred and fifty years before.
But, hey, who’s keeping score?
Give thanks to Gutenberg and the Chinese
for the simple pleasures that so please.
Books are books; reading is reading
and we, beneficiaries, keep our brains feeding.

The Cantor’s Call

Have you noticed the cantor’s call —
deep in sorrow and with those who suffer?
The cantor stands before the pall.

Justice, justice the cantor calls to pursue
for the female justice who was Yahweh’s follower,
through and through —

so proud of her people who through
centuries of pain
experienced, persevered and remained
faithful to the vision, eternity’s call —

justice, justice, was her call
to seek freedom, choice, inclusion, balanced scales —
and the mutuality of the beloved community for all.

Such shall not fail.

Never Before

I have a pocket-size copy of the
Constitution of the United States,
thirty-eight little pages including
all the Amendments. Never before
has so much depended on so little…
or to quote Churchill, “Never in the
field of human conflict was so much
owed by so many to so few,” and by
that I mean owed by so many to so
few pages of Constitutional Republic
genius. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

The Loneliness of the Protestant Pastor

She’s always my pastor to me                    
even when she stopped being the pastor of my community.
That’s the only thing she could ever be.
She was called to serve my community
but she was never a member of that body.
She could never be a friend to me
because she will always be my pastor to me.
Friends and acquaintances are in my community.
Where does my pastor find camaraderie?
With other pastors? Maybe.
It’s a vocation that can be very lonely.
She could never be a friend to me
because she will always be my pastor to me.
It is only through those eyes that I can see.
For pastor and parishioner, a great divide will always be.
She can never be a friend to me.
She will forever and ever be pastor to me.
That’s the only thing she could ever be.
Whose friend could she be?

If I Had a Real Poet’s Name*

If I had a real poet’s name,
a name like Pádraig Ó Tuama,
I might be taken seriously,
and I wouldn’t have such insecurity and trauma,
or maybe Seamus Heaney
and people would find me poetically brainy
or how about Ocean Vuong?
Then nothing would go wrong
and people would see the deep blue sea
of poetic profundity in me.
And then there is Joy Harjo
and I would be thought a real poetic pro,
but what do you do with a name like Bob?
How can a poet be named Bob?
It is so pedestrian, so banal, so ordinary.
And so, I just sit here and sob.
Why couldn’t my parents have named me Robert,
like so many great poets
a name meaning “of great fame”?
Oh, wait, they did
and such fame I stand ready to claim,
a designation that clears the poetic fog
and I have nothing but deep
appreciation and gratitude
to the people who visit my blog.

*the poets named above are featured
in an issue of the e-newsletter of On Being.

Some Say

Some say he’s a solipsist;
most say he’s a narcissist;
either way, he won’t cease and desist.
As a solipsist, for him, nothing exists
outside of his cranial cyst,
unlike the narcissist
who stares into the lake’s mist
but knows something else exists.
For him, ego and service don’t mix
and so the election, he will corruptly fix
or at least he will try, but hopefully, that’s nixed
and he loses and goes directly to jail.

The Theater of the Absurd

It is nothing new to say that we
are in the grip of a play directed
by a madman, while we just wring

our hands and then sit on our thumbs
ignoring what is happening on stage —
the reality that hundreds of thousands

of our fellow actors have died
and hundreds of thousands more
stand in the wings of the plague’s

stage ready for their entrance into
the madman’s play and fast exit
stage left. The existentialists just

shrug and say hang in there; the
nihilists mutter “humph” and we
told you so; and the rest of us just

squirm in our comfortable, cushion-
ed seats as the lights come down
and the curtain goes up on the final

act and we wonder if the director
will summon us when every other
actor has exited.

The Whole Party

The whole party is perfidy 
     and that ain’t pretty.

The whole party is perfidy 
     and that’s pretty silly.

The whole party is perfidy 
     and that is just a damn pity.

The whole party is perfidy 
     and that hurts the whole country.

The whole party is perfidy 
     and there goes the democracy.

It Can Be Said

It can be said that nature doesn’t care a whit
whether we run or walk, stand or sit.

Nature will run right over us,
so we need to watch for all the fuss.

When oceans rage and forests flame,
why do we call these Acts of God, God to blame?

What a silly attribution
when we need our own ablution

for all the havoc we have caused;
for nature and our sake, we need to pause.

Once we knew as with other animals
how to get out of the way, flee the dahl,

the low forest, for the hill, higher ground
where safety surely would be found,

and so we were wiser then
than we are now, not just running when

necessary but living with nature
and nature’s evolving future.

But we abandoned harmony with nature
and opted for usurpature

and so, of God’s love, we lost sight
and now face the soul’s and nature’s dark night.

Nature will survive
but will we even still exist not to mention thrive?