It Can Be Said

It can be said that nature doesn’t care a whit
whether we run or walk, stand or sit.

Nature will run right over us,
so we need to watch for all the fuss.

When oceans rage and forests flame,
why do we call these Acts of God, God to blame?

What a silly attribution
when we need our own ablution

for all the havoc we have caused;
for nature and our sake, we need to pause.

Once we knew as with other animals
how to get out of the way, flee the dahl,

the low forest, for the hill, higher ground
where safety surely would be found,

and so we were wiser then
than we are now, not just running when

necessary but living with nature
and nature’s evolving future.

But we abandoned harmony with nature
and opted for usurpature

and so, of God’s love, we lost sight
and now face the soul’s and nature’s dark night.

Nature will survive
but will we even still exist not to mention thrive?

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