A Solution

If you are really lonely and feeling blue,
I’ve got just the solution for you.
Feeling like there is nobody who cares
While you just sit at your empty inbox and stare?
I may be bereft of friends galore
But I have found those who care all the more.
Amazon, The Clymb, REI and J.Jill
Are there each day, my inbox to fill
With for me opportunities in store.
Discounts, no tax and what’s more,
Free shipping with orders over a hundred bucks,
I guess I’m just a guy who’s got all the luck.
I trust they will be my friends so true,
But what happens when my credit card is through?
Will I just sit at my empty inbox and stare,
Feeling like nobody cares?

Lessons For A Society in Chaos

A white woman of Dutch ancestry
Taught him in Sunday School when
He was about eight years old to
Follow Jesus by reading the
Sermon on the Mount, the
Parables, and Matthew 25.
Her’s wasn’t so much theology
As discipleship and learning
To love. As political chaos swirled,
Representative John Lewis, Civil
Rights activist and sufferer for
Justice offered words not spoken
Often by politicians. He said that one
Must continue to love while non-violently
Resisting — that one must always love
the oppressor. Nelson Mandela said
That he had to learn to let go of his
Anger and resentment toward those
Who imprisoned him or he would
Never have gotten out of prison.
He had to learn to love and never
Let it go.

On To Babylon

The author said that the candidate
went to the evangelical leaders
and said that he and they didn’t
agree on much but that he, unlike

wussy Republicans, would not play
the political game and ultimately
let them down in a way that he would
never let them down and that if they

voted for him, he would deliver on
judges who would vote the way they
wanted. The sly, politically savvy guy
won their vote and he won the election,

probably not in actuality, but that is
for another time, and now that he is
the president by the will of God
according to the evangelical leaders,

they think of him as Cyrus, the Persian,
who delivered the Hebrews from Babylon
as Donald will deliver white, evangel-
ical Christians from the onslaught of

black, brown, yellow and red Americans
who, want, according to the fearful
white, evangelical Christians, to send
them to Babylon.

George W. Bush already sent Americans
there and it didn’t work out so well.

A Flicker of Candle Light

The man watched the president
utter gibberish, malignant
phrases, racist rhetoric and

a rambling response doubling
down on his ludicrous accusations
and defamations and denying that

he is a racist. Of course, being
hollow, he doesn’t know anything
about himself and then the man

saw the Prince of Darkness in
the shadows behind the president
and the man knew from where

the president was getting his
information, of course, the author
of fake news, the Prince himself,

beautiful, decadent creature and
then the man saw a flash of life
in the darkness, deadness and

hollowness. It was Jesus, the
Christ, dying, a flicker of candle
light in their hearts. They don’t

know Jesus is there. He is working,
silently sewing the seeds of ir-
resistible grace in the smidgen of

life left in the otherwise empty,
dark souls for when he and they
will rise together.

Change Happens

It was a poem about how things
at home got moved around while

a person had a significantly long
stay in the hospital. The poet who

chose the poem for online public-
ation thought the poem was sig-

nificant in that it offered a
different perspective following

an illness and fairly long absence.
Was the person feeling displaced;

on the verge of being replaced;
was she simply bothered that her

stuff had been moved without her
permission? I just thought,

change happens.

Tempus Fugit

Wanting to compliment the person
on her choice of such a handsome
partner, I told the woman that her
significant other looked a lot like
Paul Newman. She had no idea
what I was talking about until her
significantly older significant
other said, “The guy on the salad
dressing jar.”

We Sat Around

We sat around
calling each other
by our mother’s
names, listening
to the Kingston
Trio and playing
basketball on the
dirt court,
up some dust
that the next
summer we
would have to
get jobs.
It was
our age of
the wheels are
sayin’ to the
railroad track,
‘Well, if you go,
you can’t come

Are We Listening?

It is already together,
holding together,
working together,
moving forward,
It is all here, now.
Forces of fear
only tug and tear
at the growing,
They kill the body
but not the spirit.
Those forces are
an aberration.
They are passing
away like a violent
storm which
wreaks havoc in
its path but then
turns into a zephyr
The storms are
worse than ever.
The ice is melting.
The seas are rising
because of an
aberration — sloth.
But the sloth, too,
shall pass away
and the earth shall
recover because
it is whole, good,
moving to completion
in love.
Tyrants and despots
work from a deficit.
They don’t know
they are part of
the whole.
They beg to be filled.
They are blood–
They cannot stand
the joy.
They try to stamp
it out and they
don’t know it
is right there
will pass away.
They are an
Mystics point
the way.
They know.
They experience
They are not
an aberration.
They may die
or be killed,
but they will
not pass away.
They are truth
Are we looking?
Are we listening?

From Where Do They Come?

“Behind” and “Buddy boy” are words in his vocabulary
as in “Watch your behind,” and “Hey, buddy boy,” which

he has used often over the years and out of his past, to
which he had never given a thought as to where they

came from until he watched a 1966 movie on Turner
Classic Movies and heard Paul Newman say “Rest your

behind” and referred to “Buddy boy” in a telephone
conversation both in the same movie which he doesn’t

remember seeing but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t
see the movie. What he does remember from the movie

is loving the sixties’ music sound tracks in those
crazy, suspense, detective movies that, undoubtedly,

he watched back in his youth and about which he now
doesn’t have a specific recollection except that he

knows he has “behind” and “buddy boy” in his vocab-
ulary and still, after all these years, uses them on

occasion without thought to their derivation,
origin or etymology.

The Artist

The artist sings
and the sea roars,
the mountains thunder,
the clouds burst
and the heavens rejoice.

The artist sculpts/paints/draws/forms
and the cities turn silent,
the rivers are stilled,
the oceans lie flat
and the heavens hum quietly.

The artist writes
and the nations quake,
the rulers rage,
the armies gather
and the heavens watch.

The artist composes
and the courts sentence,
the jails bulge,
the gulags overflow
and the heavens cry.

The artist is killed
and the stars darken,
the black holes shrivel,
the universe contracts
and the heavens quake.

The artist sings
and the sea roars,
the mountains thunder,
the clouds burst
and the heavens rejoice.