The Mysterious Water

Thirsty for love’s waters,
she drank long and was
filled with understanding
and meaning, which were
there in the beginning.
She then shared with the
other by listening to the
suffering and longing and
thirsting as the other was
filled with the understand-
ing and meaning, which
were there in the beginning.
“You understand,” the other
said. Together, they shared
meaning and understanding
and when they were thirsty,
they brought each other
the mysterious water of
love, which was there in
the beginning.

Our Leadership

The slime just oozes from the White House
throughout Washington into townships, counties and states.
The sleaze boils and broils
spilling out and over the cauldron
burning justice, compassion, honor and honesty
in petty, malevolent, narcissistic hate.

And this is our beloved Ship of State?
With huge holes burned in its hull
can it float on and on
or will it be rendered void and null?
Will it float or founder under such weight of hate;
Is a watery grave soon to be our fate?

Let us hope that only the God-forsaken vermin
will drown while seeking the ship to escape
leaving America in a glorious enduring state.

The Heart’s Pain

He crushed his own body parts
through reckless physical activities
but no pain touches reality
like the pain of a broken heart.

The body’s pain of days in intensive care
then lasting months upon more months
can’t touch the heart’s pain experienced once —
a pain which often leads to despair.

The body’s pain like that of childbirth
vanishes with just a faint lasting memory.
The heart’s pain lasts for eternity —
lasting even through love’s rebirth.

Such pain cannot be bid adieu
or even simply put behind
in the exigencies of time;
rather endured as one travels through.

The only contentment of embracing such pain
comes knowing the cause was great love gained.

There’s Always Next Time, Girl

Temperatures dropped;
the rabbit hopped
in front of the Chocolate Lab
who wanted to take a stab
at chasing the rabbit
as is a Lab’s habit,
but the Lab was too slow
prancing through the snow
and the rabbit so white
though filled with fright
dove behind a snowman
leaving the Lab without a plan.
The Lab looked at that snowman
as if to ask where did that rabbit go.
Did the snowman just say,
“I don’t know.”
or was it the dog’s owner
acting like a ventriloquist?
Then the snowman said,
“Sorry girl, next time you
will have to persist.”
The Lab looked up at
the snowman and then
at her owner as if to say,
“I will just cease and desist.
Can we go back home?
I don’t want anymore to roam
on a snowy night like this
because this isn’t my idea of bliss.”
Her owner said, “Let’s go girl.
Next time you will not miss.”


SUVs here
SUVs there
SUVs on the street
SUVs tell us
There is nothing about
Which to care
For the environment
Is already done
So let’s just all
Have our fun
SUVs here
SUVs there
SUVs on the street


Our national leader has
gone bonkers, completely
lost his mind, qualifies as

stark raving mad and
continues to spew non-
sense and gross insults

in his tweets. No one can
get him on a psychiatrist’s
couch where he could be

analyzed and diagnosed
professionally, so the con-
gress could retire him due

to mental insufficiencies.
That, of course, will not
happen, so we just sit

around wondering when we
will lose our collective
mind, go stark raving mad

and begin to spew non-
sense and gross insults
on our tweets. The old

adage, to paraphrase, is
that one should be brought
to terms rather than for the

whole people to perish, in
this case, meaning us. So,
short of the action by the

Sanhedrin and Rome, does
anyone have any thoughts,
notions, solutions, ideas?


the cosmic christ, jesus 
			mythologized by paul, 

the alpha 

the beginning 
                                     and the end, 
the process by 
          which we feel, 
as we have been known,
                             the becoming……..ness
            complexification and concretion

                   of life 

and who we are in 
the great scheme 
of the great 

            simplification —