Clear Plastic Couch Covers

I don’t think it is a really good 
thing to grow up in a house with
clear plastic covers on the living 

room soft fabric furniture. It just    
might be psychologically unsettling
with questions about parental love. 

It’s hard, cold and uncomfortable.
I did and recall looking longingly 
through the plastic to the beautiful, 

soft, fabric beneath, that which I 
could never, ever touch. If I wanted 
to take a nap on the couch, I would 

put my socked feet (because we always 
had to take our shoes off at the door) 
on the plastic, only to hear my mother 

tell me to get my feet off the couch. 
I would say, “Mom, my soft socks are 
on the hard, cold, noisy plastic.” 

“Don’t get smart, young man. We aren’t 
rich and I want the couch to last a 
long time.” Yes, it has all lasted a 

long time — at least the memory. I 
still get chilled just thinking about 
lying on that couch even in the middle 

of summer. Oh, I’m sorry; that’s when 
I slid around and got stuck to the 
clear, cold, hard, noisy plastic. 

2 thoughts on “Clear Plastic Couch Covers

  1. Visiting our wealthy relatives in New Orleans, we took off our shoes at the door and walked on “hard, cold, noisy plastic” covering the lovely Turkish rugs all the way through art-covered rooms to sit for our tea on those plastic covered silk sofas. All of it matched the owners rather well.

    I am so glad to know you, one of the least plastic people I have ever known, Bob.

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