Quantum Prayer and Listening to Trees*

One part of the couple making
up the smallest quantity of

existence is aware of one
part of another couple also

making up the smallest quan-
tity of existence and not

only aware of but in com-
munication with and having

an impact on and being in-
fluenced by without any

known way of communicating —
telepathy, energy, minuscule

thought (?). And so I am
driven to reconsider prayer

and pray for healing for
all in spite of not having

communication outside of
prayer. If minuscule quarks

do as do giant Sequoia trees,
why not me and thee?

*idea from meditations by Richard Rohr

No Canary in the Coal Mine

Life is all about love
and loss
and love again,
and then
it is all
about love
in the end,
which isn’t
an end at all,
but a fulfillment
of the promise
to eternal enthrall,
and so for this we
hold out hope
to survive the losses
and find a way to cope
until the end of our
earthly existence
when into God’s arms
we commend our spirit
to love without limit.

He wishes there had been
a canary in the coal mine
to warn him of loss in time,
but sudden loss came
and he was off
guard and caught
but love came to help
him attain what
Christ had wrought.

Without Him

He was fifty-five when his heart gave out and he,
the sole proprietor of a small business, struggled
to keep things afloat but he, mixing metaphors,
only hitting on six and losing money when his
wife told him to sell the monument sales busi-
ness to the cemetery and go to work for them
thus gaining a salary and probably several more
years of life, didn’t do it, didn’t do the logical
thing and instead ended his life in utter desper-
ation, leaving a family blown apart trying to pick
up the pieces only to realize there weren’t many
pieces to pick up without him.

Pre-Existing Physicians

At a rally, the Temporary Occupant
misspoke, again, as he is wont to do.
He said he would protect “pre-existing
physicians.” I don’t know about any
other pre-existing physicians, but the
one I do know of — Jesus — certainly
doesn’t need the Occupant’s protection.
Of course, he meant “pre-existing
conditions” and he was a pre-existing
condition before being the Temporary
Occupant and that pre-existing condition
doesn’t need protecting and neither will
his post-existing (as temporary occupant)
condition need protecting as much as it
will need incarcerating.

A Sobering Reality Check

They said it was from the old country
but they put it downstairs on the fake
mantel and he took it down and played
with it, twirling the hands round and
round and cranking the key until the
hands gave up the ghost and the Swedish
clock died an inglorious death and then
years later the boy, then man, wondered
why there wasn’t anything on the clock in
Swedish. Did they keep the real Swedish
clock upstairs away from his itching fingers?
He then had his introduction to “things
aren’t always as they seem,” even when
your parents tell you it is so.

Our Country’s Soul

He’s not a psychologist of cult mentality
But he wonders why sixty-million worship this personality —
A guy who lies when his mouth is open at all
And the cult believes that he is the Lord Of All.

Has our educational system failed
Our public and now we have trailed
Most other nations in ferreting out the truth?
How could we elect and follow someone so uncouth?

Obviously, cultists won’t change their minds
So getting out the vote is what we must find.
Call on the blacks, browns, reds and yellows
To show that our future is in colorful females and fellows.

Our hope is in truthful education
Supporting the founders of our Constitution.
With hard work and dedication to making us whole,
We will win this battle for our country’s soul.

Bills Upon Bills Upon Bills

Bills upon bills upon bills are sent from the
House to the Senate and the Senate majority
leader refuses to bring them before the Senate.

He spends all his time reshaping the Judiciary
so the privileged, rich and powerful remain
privileged, rich and powerful and some swing

voter in Youngstown, Ohio says that the House
should drop this impeachment stuff which is
taking up so much time and the House should

start doing the work that will benefit the country
and he says he is going to vote for Trump again.
Okay, what is it going to take — every Democratic

US House member shouting from the roof of the
House, “Look, look, look, we’ve sent bill after bill
after bill only to be buried by Moscow Mitch”?

“Makin’ Tons of Money” Mitch the Turtle crawls
into his shell until it is safe to crawl back out and
mumbles “Quid Pro Quo is a no show. Go, Trump, Go!”

The Way That She Is Made

She’s afraid of the little things,
like the little pings and dings
but not the big things,
like death’s sting.
“Why?” she wonders.
Does she just blunder
on through dangers
that roar and thunder?
Is it because death
has been, more or less,
a constant companion
in this game of chess —
a sudden devastating eruption?
Has it been her guide
through this bumpy, earthly ride?
Tell it like it is
and let the chips….
But perhaps not just cliched quips,
perhaps a certain confidence
that love lasts
beyond the grave
and that integrity now
is what others see as foolish
or maybe brave,
but which for her,
simply, is the way
that she is made.