Bullying Is Bad

Bullying is bad
but is matriarchal bullying
any better than patriarchal bullying?
He once worked for a matriarchal company
and was told by female middle management that

the difference in different gender led com-
panies is that male-led companies
just fire your butt and you are
gone, yes, that fast, but
female-led com-

beat                                                                                                                                       you with a wet
noodle till you plead for mercy
and then they keep you because they
don’t want to see you or your family hurt, and
that is why he kept being told that he was going

to be fired and management kept asking
if he was going to stay or quit and if he
found another job as of yet
and finally when he found
another job, every-
one sighed in

4 thoughts on “Bullying Is Bad

  1. So long, Bob, like a talented son, a colleague of rare talent, a dry humorist, a faithful friend, creator of poems, who lived a fine life [or, rather, many lives], a mench, what a gaping hole you leave in so many hearts! Thanks for the gifts you left so many people……………….

  2. Two years it has been since you are gone. Your friendship continues to be sorely missed. But the gratitude goes on and on.

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