And A Child Shall Lead Them

Some said she was a child mechanic under the hood;
they said she knew everything
that ever needs to be poetically understood;
and so they put her to the test
to see if she knew the answer
to any question and all the rest.
They said, “Kid, you are only twenty-two;
You are barely out of childhood;
what is it you think you can do?
Tell us what’s under the hood.”
And so, the kid’s time had come.
“There are 110 horses under this hood.”
“My electric bike has more power;
Only a 110? That’s hardly worth the wait;
Come on, kid, it’s the bewitching hour.”
“You know, this isn’t my first trip to the rodeo;
you haven’t seen these horses, so here we go.”
And with that, she opened the hood
and out flew 110 galloping verses
and it was then everyone at the inauguration understood.

Two weeks earlier, insurrectionists/seditionists attempted to take the US Capitol by storm and, thank goodness, they failed.

Amanda Gorman’s 110 verses (actually “break lines”) took that same magnificent Capitol by a rich, wonderful, healing storm.

Her powerful poem is accessible for viewing at the link below:

A special thanks to James Berbiglia, US Army Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Retired for sending the link.

1 thought on “And A Child Shall Lead Them

  1. Thanks for the link, Bob. It is good to read her words and let them soak in. But it is even better to watch the video and hear her read her poetry. Reminds me that poetry is best when it is read out loud….by the one who penned it. So when we are past the COVID restrictions, will you be doing a public reading of your poetry? Just wondering….

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