Let’s Get Some Perspective, Media

The rally drew around a hundred
right-wing, white nationalists
including a number from other
states to bolster the numbers
along with one dipsy doodle
local politician in a rural,
sparsely populated area of
western Arizona and the head-
line of the internet article
screamed alarm which is about
the equivalence in importance
of a sandlot baseball game of
twelve-year-olds to a tied
score in the ninth inning of
the seventh game of the World
Series or the threat of one
cornered mouse to a dozen
hungry crocodiles — a hundred
angry citizens in a country
of 330,149,796. It’s a whole
lot more alarmist and disheart-
ening that such an article
would even be published than
that the article would claim
newsworthy alarm from such
a paultry gathering. Is the
goal to strike fear unnecessar-
ily in the hearts of an already
anxious population to accomplish
just what — greater readership?
For shame. And you helped get
the Occupant elected. Happy now?

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