The Illusory Perpetual Motion Money Machine

The Illusory Perpetual Motion Money Machine

The perpetual motion money machine was put in perspective by a priestly professor from Boston College which is funded, I imagine,

by and large, by that very machine, only, by and large, the more liberal, but not too liberal side of things.

Turns out that the PMMM is occupied by pretty insecure people.

They worry at least as much as the sliding into oblivion middle class people used to worry until they just slid directly into oblivion because the anxiety and worry directed the diabolical work of the PMMM’s lobbyists.

The middle class used to worry about mortgages, credit card debt and paying the tuition at Roman Catholic and Christian Reformed elementary and high schools not to mention Notre Dame, Hope and Calvin College.

Now they don’t worry about those things because their kids don’t go to those places unless those kids’ parents are big money, insecure, Jesus loving capitalists who happen to have benefited from the bail out, which they now despise and criticize.

Three cheers for the community colleges of America, maybe the most democratic institution of all.

Turns out that pretty insecure people occupy the PMMM.

Those insecure people who, even though they love Jesus and see him as their Lord and Savior (Don’t they get it that that originally meant Caesar isn’t anymore and it never was about “sweet Jesus and me”?), didn’t feel comfortable until they had their first billion in the bank,

paid a lot of money to pretty smart lobbyists who were well paid to convince pretty, no really, dumb politicians to vote

for letting the worst president in US history’s really, really big, outrageous, unconscionable tax breaks of 2001 and 2003 to live on maybe but hopefully not forever, not to mention two God forsaken (Was there ever a unforsaken one?) wars in which millions have died and trillions have been spent,

thus allowing really, really insecure billionaires who love Jesus as their Lord and Savior the illusion of the security of low tax rates

which in reality will only contribute to the decline of the only people in the capitalist economic system that can keep the rich insanely rich

– the muddled, befuddled middle class who are so easily convinced by that on the really, obscenely really big flat screened (I think I can see his makeup) TV

that their way to salvation is to buy all the stuff the PMMM makes in China and sells here without paying any taxes do to tax loopholes bigger than the distance between the great USofA and China.

Turns out the PMMM is occupied by pretty insecure people.

And it seems nobody knows that the PMMM is insanely insecure and are the oligarchs and plutocrats running the show which is driving the majority of America into that place that everyone fears

– the poor, who ironically, by the way, as long as they get Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are the most secure people to be found. Is that why they are so hated?

Turns out that pretty insecure people occupy the PMMM.

Hey, Super Rich Totally Dedicated Believers in Christ Jesus, otherwise known as PMMM want to really follow Jesus into spiritual serenity, the Realm, the place of total contentment, purpose and eternal life? In your terms THE KINGDOM?

Just give it up.

Hello, Rich Young Ruler.  Jesus does love you, you pathetic jerk; don’t walk away from the only hope you ever had in life.

Stop destroying this wonderful, young experiment in republican, democratic rule with your oligarchical, plutarchical enslavement of the vast majority, i.e. 99%.

Turns out that pretty insecure people occupy the PMMM

who have to wipe their butts at least once a day just like the rest of those who are sliding this very moment into poverty along with all their brothers and sisters.

It reminds me of the slightly obscene ditty my more scatological than eschatological mother used to say, “The rich don’t think their shit smells, but their farts give them away.”

You go, slightly obscene but on the mark mother.

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