The Dog is Always a Great Conversation Starter

The Dog is Always a Great Conversation Starter

Wherever we are, hiking the trails in Phoenix Mountain Preserve, walking along the beach, jogging down the street or sitting at an outdoor restaurant, Boomer, the beautiful Chocolate Lab, gets a lot of attention.

If not for the dog, I fear we would be lonely people. It’s the dog that people stop to see and you find that dog lovers make for very nice people and honest ones, too,

like the couple we met while hiking in Phoenix. I’m sure they would have just passed us by with maybe a nod or a hi, but the young man and woman wanted to chat with Boomer.

He was all ears and a wagging tail about the conversation.

I asked them if they lived nearby, yes; where they had gone to school, University of Arizona, and what they had studied. He said he was an environmental scientist.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “That’s really important especially in this time of global warming. We need a lot of you folks to help put us on the right course.” I spoke excitedly. I can get animated.

“No,” he stated flatly. “It’s all over, so enjoy it while you can. Have a nice hike. Oh, and I’m not kidding, either.” I don’t think she told us what she did, or perhaps we just didn’t hear for the ringing in our ears.

They moved on and we just stood there for a while. I looked at Chris; we both looked down at the dog and Boomer asked us when we were going to continue the hike.

The sun seemed a lot bigger, the heat a lot more intense and the ground even drier and dustier. I needed a drink of water real badly. They seemed nice and see what I mean about the honesty thing?

This was the only time I regretted having taken the dog along. A nod or a hi would have sufficed, and I could have continued walking in blissful ignorance on an afternoon when the sun was small in the sky, the day a bit chilly and the ground all green and aglow with desert plants.

Darn you, Boomer.

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