Pseudo Paul and Big Brother

Pseudo Paul and Big Brother

Pseudo Paul or the Paul who was beginning to be pseudo and just trying to save a ship in stormy seas said there was no reason to fear the authorities

if one hadn’t done anything wrong: “Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval,

for he is God’s servant for your good.”  Are you kidding? About what authorities was he talking and who was deciding what was good?

Were those early Christians just trying to get along so they wouldn’t be eliminated? What happened to that Hellenistic Spartan spirit and Hebrew Chutzpah, which led them to the lions’ den or the

coliseum to face the gladiators? Had the courage worn thin and they were just trying to survive (I love Jesus, but please don’t kill me, and if you wish, really, I don’t even know who this Jesus is)?

What has happened to us and our Spartan/Chutzpah spirit?  Are we just trying to survive…in the name of Jesus appealing to how Jesus paid it all and

we couldn’t do it without Jesus and now that we are right with God through the humiliating/excruciating death of the God/man Jesus

because God the Father was really, I mean, really pissed off but just couldn’t, even though we deserved it, eliminate us?

Did you ever think there was something wrong with that equation?  I mean the thing about it’s all about me and Jesus and

how I’m just a miserable worm but Jesus paid it all for me and, as such, I won’t smoke anymore and I will try not to drink too much and

would it be all right if I do you know what with my neighbor’s wife (Hey, at least as many of evangelicals commit adultery as the heathens going to hell) and an and an…

and that kind of religious narcissism just is a completely false reading of scripture? In our superficial world where we have reduced faith

to some kind of celestial get out of jail free card and where the street, neighborhood, city, township, county, state, nation, planet, solar system, milky way, universe, universes from micro, string theory to macro parallel/multiple universes

is nothing we need to think about let alone evolution and equal rights and social justice on the little place back home we call earth?

Did you feel the drip from the melting of the polar caps on your noggin?

Don’t even think about it because apparently we don’t know who we are dealing with, or more properly, with whom we are dealing.

They are watching; let me reiterate; they are watching and that is kind of scary.

This Christmas, you better watch out, you better not pout….

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