I Was Told the Other Day

I Was Told the Other Day

I was told the other day

that friends don’t call out friends.

What was it I could say,

that a friend never offends?


Spouse or partner falls

In the sterile circle

where no one ever calls

or faces the big hurdle


of finding a way out

to confront the loved one

or perhaps just call out

a friend who needs someone


who can do risky stuff —

the thing that needs to be done,

not inoffensive fluff

that just prolongs false fun.


An intervention waits,

but yes, fools do rush in.

Shouldn’t have said what he hates (?)

‘cause now the ice is thin


in a relationship

couldn’t weather the storm.

His e-mail now does skip

passed. He is not informed.


And in Hillary’s visage

perhaps it takes a village.

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