On Considering Getting a Twofer

On Considering Getting a Twofer

Lift your hand if you are in favor of a hand lift to go

With the face lift (maybe getting a twofer),


Because you can have the face lift, but people will glance

at the back of your hands to get the truth about your


“Can he/she possibly look that young at his/her age?”


Of course, you could save money by walking through life with

your palms upward and the backs downward to hide the truth.


Besides they’ll think you are open, accepting, vulnerable, giving, prayerful

spiritual and maybe even a Buddhist – a very young looking Buddhist,


or perhaps a very young looking panhandler down on his/her luck,

or, if you pull your shoulders up around your neck at the same time,


someone who just doesn’t know the answers to life’s greatest questions,

but who could be forgiven, given your obvious young age.

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