Three Checked into an Inn on Christmas Eve

Three Checked into an Inn on Christmas Eve

We three checked into an inn, a La Quinta to be specific, on Christmas Eve, five-hundred-plus miles in one day from Saint Anthony to the Crosses –

a lot farther than Joseph, Mary, the baby and the donkey had to go, but we were on good roads and driving a Camry.  Communion which will be celebrated

shortly consists of low carbohydrate bread, turkey slices, radishes, really fresh tomatoes and avocado purchased earlier in the day along the way at a grocery (near where we

thought we were going to have to stay for the day because of dire weather predictions) frequented almost exclusively by Hispanics so, I figure,  the avocado

will probably be smooth, creamy, soft, but not too soft, and really flavorful and the last day of the hearts of Romaine that lasted eight days in an iced down,

red cooler not to mention a few glasses of the $9 one-and-a-half liter Sauvignon Blanc from a Texas vineyard (our salute to the Lone Star State).

That was for the two humans.  The dyslexic gift from God spelled dog, otherwise known as Boomer, the pastoral Chocolate Lab, had really expensive dry dog food (recommended

by our vet because it helps his football player knees and arthritic hips and, as a side benefit, makes his coat a lush, thick, dark brown

which is really pretty and nice for the winter) topped with a half-can of beefy dog food in sauce. We checked into the inn (They didn’t have to offer us the cattle yard down the

street which looked really crowded.), had a quick drink and went for a Christmas Eve jog in the quiet, industrial park across the street.  For the first time in forty-some years,

formal worship will be midnight mass on the TV from New York if we can keep our eyes open at 10 p.m. New Mexico time. I think I will because

I have to take the dog out around then. I’m giving thanks this Christmas Eve to be in the inn and not leading worship somewhere else.

I’m looking forward to be getting back on the road again tomorrow, Christmas day, for points west after bowing before the rising sun in the east.

I filled up the gas tank this afternoon just to be sure.

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