The Now Defunct Law and Order

The Now Defunct Law and Order

The now defunct Law and Order, Criminal Intent show’s

actor does such a fine job of acting


out the writing with his own unique, quirky style,

getting up close, tilting his head to the


right and then the left, jotting notes in his journal,

pausing, blankly saying it is


an idiosyncrasy passed from father to son

while the guilty guy excuses himself,


exits stage left, that is, out the interrogation room

door not to be seen for a while,


but Quirky Cop nails it and him. This is the Quirky Cop before

he gained all the weight for a different role


and never lost it, except that he began to lose it right

before our eyes. Only this time it wasn’t


a father to blame.  He had a strange relationship with his Quirky Mother.

The Fat Woman sings and the Opera is over


and I don’t even have an ocean

into which to disappear because I live in the desert.


So, you think you are the first one who will inevitably

become (like) your flawed father (or mother)?


Get in line.

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