My Wife Listens to Classical Music

My Wife Listens to Classical Music

My wife listens to classical music on public radio.

I know they are hurting for money because by the

Start of each new week they talk a lot about

Sunday broke.


It must be really hard for them, because they can

Hardly get the word out of their mouths. They

Stutter two syllables out of one.  Two weeks ago

They had


Their pledge drive and I guess it didn’t go real

Well and what with all the government money

Going, going, gone I understand why NPR would

Be broke


Every Sunday from nine to twelve. Thank heavens

It isn’t all day or I don’t know how they could stay

On the air. I’d help but we’re still in this God-

Awful recession


(Feels like a depression to me and I’m sure

Poor old NPR, feels that way, too), and

I’m broke every other day of the week with

Just enough


Left on Sunday to slip a Lincoln in the collection

Plate and take the little woman to IHOP for brunch,

As she likes to call it.

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