Front Page News and the Handwriting on the Wall

Front Page News and the Handwriting on the Wall

Front page news: Get ready for a cat on a hot

tin roof of a summer, forest fires, water shortages


across New Mexico and Arizona. Large SUV’s

with distracted drivers on cell phones scream down


the interstate; twenty-something boys in oversized

pickup trucks speed their way to the  construction


site and after work to the bar for the end of Happy

Hour.  This spring tornadoes chased Snow Birds


through Texas to Nebraska into Iowa toward Wiscon-

sin leveling towns in their path.  Rains keep coming


from Chicago to Detroit with stops in Grand Rapids

and Lansing.  It’s going to be 90 tomorrow in Montague,


Michigan and 109 in Phoenix today and it’s only May

18th.  The owner of the gas station/auto repair shop


leans against the side of the new Mustang turbo-

charged five liter while pumping four-dollar and


eight cents premium gas into the seventeen-gallon

tank, blankly stares at the dollars flipping round on


the pump and offers his opinion to no one in particular,

“Nope. No such thing as global warming.”


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