The Best Father’s Day Ever All Around the Country

The Best Father’s Day Ever All Around the Country

On Friday, his stepson showed up with the family.

Stepson gave stepdad the kind of hug he hadn’t previously

received in eighteen years.

On Saturday, when they left to go back to Chicago

stepson hugged him just like he had on Friday and

stepdad wondered why but was grateful.

On Sunday, his daughter called from an Arizona back-

packing trip with a rattlesnake and a Gila monster. She

blithely blew that off to focus on her dad.

On Sunday, a little later, his son called from Colorado

to ask how his dad’s Father’s Day was going.  They

exchanged  pleasantries  and then the

Forty-three year old kid said, for the first time ever,

“Dad, I love you with all my heart and you are the

best dad I could ever have.”

Dad cried a shrill, sharp whine into the phone and

embarrassed handed it to his wonderful wife to

finish the conversation.

After reflecting on his hideous, involuntary utterance

of joy, he gave thanks he wasn’t running for president

like Howard Dean had.

At least his loving son won’t cancel their relationship

like the Governor got his campaign for highest

office cancelled virtually on the spot.

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