Organic or Inorganic

Organic or Inorganic

I wrote a poem about a

Poem I read about a guy

Who became a horse,

And wouldn’t you know it

Two days later, I read a

Poem that made that poet

Look like a piker and the

Poem a grade school primer

On metaphors and similes.

This poet, in the span of

Twenty-one short and

Some really short lines,

Became about fifteen

Different things such as

(As, like like constitutes

A simile and therefore I,

As, or like a poet, am

Using a simile in my poem.)

The leaves of an oak,

A feather of a heron

By a pond, and then a

A root artery and a face

Like a star. The poet’s

Happiness was dizzying

And I was just getting

Dizzy.  In the second

Half of the poem, she

Was many things includ-

Ing the tip of a wave

And she ends by writ-

Ing that she is the cloud

With legs that looks like

A lamb. And here I am,

Still after all these years

Trying to correctly answer

The Twenty Questions as

To Whether I’m animal,

Vegetable or mineral, when

Given what I eat, I’m

All three, so instead

Of becoming all that

Stuff about which I’ve

Been reading, I’m becom-

Ing the food I eat and

Vice versa and it doesn’t

Take a metaphor to explain

That, so now the question is

Whether I’m organic or

Inorganic most of the

Time. (Please don’t ask

My friends.) But perhaps

I should reconsider whether

We become what we

Read. Because, if so, I’m

Not sure I want to be a

Cloud that looks like a

Lamb. If so, I would

Much rather be a horse,

A sleek and beautiful

Race horse. But to

Answer that one, it

Just might take a


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