Fire Blasts

Fire Blasts

Fire blasts out of hell onto earth and

Jumps over hill and dale and interstate

Torching and scorching along the way,


While rain from heaven falls to earth

Like fire out of hell and the drought

Ends but floods roar through towns.


Winds from the West kick zephyrs

In the groin while they flash and trash

Trees and power poles scrunching cars and


People, and coyotes and bobcats and

Mountain lions and the 110 year old

Chocolate Lab scurry for cover while


Fahrenheit 451 rises in the foundry

And plastic and metal and glass

Melt as its breath blasts away


Just about everything, including books,

That anyone ever bought from a long time

Passing or, perhaps, just that morning.


They sit on the back of the yacht sway-

Ing in the gentle breeze and he proffers

That they are all cooked like the


Bacon some had for breakfast and one

Lifts his nose and breathes in the some-

What cool air and blows him off with


The proclamation that this coming

Winter will probably be more frigid

Than any they have ever experienced



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