Daisy Clover, Me and Thee

Daisy Clover, Me and Thee

I live inside a Daisy Clover

World for a little while.


I see Natalie/Daisy on

The boardwalk,


And Christopher Plummer,

Right after The Sound of Music


Which I understand he just

Wanted to forget


And Daisy sings in someone

Other than Natalie’s voice


Just like in West Side Story

On her way to fame


As she stakes her claim.

Sweet Natalie has a song


That cries to be sung. It’s

1965 (or 35) and the music sounds


Just like it as Ruth Gordon

Croaks out some sounds


On the California (seems like Jersey)

Shore sounding tough for an old


Jersey gal, and a really young (just

Look at his skin) Robert Redford,


Of course, looking Robert

Redford-esk and a lot


Like what I imagine my

Late father-in-law looked


Like when he was Redford

In The Sting, and, Holy Cow,


That was so much like the guy

From the South-side who was my


Late wife’s dad and my son’s

Grandfather, my son looking


A lot like Redford, also. And,

Yes, even though it has been


Nineteen years since she died,

I still miss the blond-haired, blue/


Green-eyed girl who could have

Been Redford’s sister. She’s the


One who I met at fourteen and

Threw straw at on a church hay-


Ride and then courted seven

Years later, married, lived


With for twenty-six years and

Who then up and died in


A day.  While I watch Natalie

Scream and shout and yell


Her Daisy Clover yell

Knowing that she, too


Died in a day, drowned.

As I watch I hear Barbra


Streisand singing “The Way

We Were,” and Natalie,


Christopher, Robert, Ruth,

My late, great father-in-law


And the blond-haired, blue-

Green eyed girl I loved


All dance together on what sure

Seemed like that Jersey shore.

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