Einstein and Jesus Meet in the Air

Einstein and Jesus Meet in the Air

Hot, dry air descends

Into cool, damp coffins.

The Great Grandpa rises,

Says hello and gets

Very cold on the flight

Into the twenty-third

Or thirtieth century

On a diagonal journey

Through the time-

Space continuum,

Sees the universe ex-

Panding before his

Very eyes in a vale-

Dictory experience

Of a lot of work when

He was very young. The

Growing disorder since

The sub-atomic pre-

Quark blow-out that

Got it all going is

Mesmerizing.  He

Realizes, just before or

During or after he blows

Into a mega-gazillion

Quark-like invisible

Particles and attains

The ubiquity of Jesus,

That he wasn’t going

Back because of the

Directional Arrow factor,

Unlike Jesus, and

That the descendents

Of the string theory

Would join him later,

Before or now,

Scientifically and

Eternally speaking.

He says hello to Jesus,

Religious Jew who

Was, is and is to be,

As they pass like

Ships in the night

Of a black hole.

Jesus gives The

Secular Jew the

Thumbs up.  Amen,

Amen and amen.

Except, “So be it,”

Is about now, both

Past and future.

And, of course, it

Really is all about

Now. And those guys

Did, do and will

Affirm it.

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