She Climbed Over

She Climbed Over

She climbed over the groaning

body, slipped on the blood


and triple flipped into the temporary

state of purgatory while sixty-some died or


were injured before she landed back

safely on earth and was willing to


give an interview before millions which

appeared to be live on commercial news


at six and then taped but looking live, just

the same, on PBS at seven thirteen p.m. Friday,


July 20, 2012, Daylight Savings Time.

She had heard the groan under her


but managed to save herself, a plus so

America could hear her live or almost


so report on the chaotic, mass-murder

slaughter in the theater. The person who


groaned gave up the ghost and died,

the direction of his or her spirit not being


determined by early speculators. But they

got the story first hand from someone


who was still splattered in the deceased’s

blood, a nice touch. It doesn’t get much better


than that in “Up To the Minute, Telling It Like It

Is News Coverage,” even for PBS. So be it. And


that is the way it is at seven twenty-seven p.m.,

Friday, July, 20, 2012, Daylight Savings Time.

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