The Murky Pond

The Murky Pond

The other day we looked down at the cloudy

pond with a lot of spiral algae growing

because of the extreme heat


even with the pump pumping and the filter

filtering.  We couldn’t find the big

mother or father fish, the


parent of them all.  We could hardly find any

fish, actually, but the big one always

came to the surface when


he or she saw us looking down. Then I realized

that the drain was big enough for even

a fish the size of  big momma


or papa to slip through.  I put my fingers into

the drain to make sure, but then I couldn’t

figure out how the pond stayed full


of water except for that which is lost due

to evaporation.  Then I realized that

everything eventually slips


through the holes in the drain while the pond

remains murky and pretty well full

except for the evaporation.

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