From One to the Other

At a workshop on preaching through Lent

two old friends renewed, reminisced and

reminded. They spoke of times past which,

of course, are now and in the future for

good and ill. One reminded the Other of

the time in class the Other used the wrong

word.  One laughed forcefully; the Other

forcibly.  During now, which is then

and the future, the Other wanted to make up

for years ago and find redemption along

with renewed, reminisced and reminded,

referring to the periscopes of the texts

for the week. The room fell silent and

the professor said, “I think you mean

pericopes.” The Other started to sweat and

wanted to run from renewed, reminisced and

reminded. The One periscoped right in on this

particular pericope, looked at the Other and smiled

forcefully. Is the Other destined to add repeat to

renewed,reminisced, reminded while redeemed

silently, painfully slips through the floorboards away

from the smile of the One?

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