We Live in the Sand

We live in the sand with a big old Chocolate Lab along

The shores of Lake Michigan and we’re glad because

When it rains a lot the house stays dry.


We visit the mountains of Colorado

And we’re glad because we visit family and

Jog trails along the Flat Irons.


We live part of the year near Piestewa Peak for family

And we’re glad cause we climb there in

The day and visit the ballet at night.


We visit Chicago because we have family there, too

And we’re glad to see them and eat in

Neighborhood, ethnic restaurants.


We like going home along the Blue Star/Red Arrow

And we’re glad to brush the Indiana Dunes, have a

Micro beer and think about the seaside towns.


Big lake, big city, big mountains, big desert

And we’re glad to live in two and visit the others

Before the earth changes too much


But we’re not glad to live one day in an institution,

Get calls for meals, calls for baths twice a week

And sit by a window  looking out


At what once was but will never be the same again

For a number of reasons having to do with what’s

Going on both inside and out.

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