Non-Poetic/Pretty Prosaic Thoughts for the New Year

Things For Which I Give Thanks In the New Year:

1.  God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ as best I understand that.

2.  My wife of seventeen years and a fellow member of the club to which no one wants to belong but which fifty percent of all married people will – the Widowed Person’s Club.

3.  Our children and their families.

4.  Boomerang, the twelve-year-old Chocolate Lab

5.  My true friends who, as they say, I actually can count on one hand.

6. Water, air and the environment as beleaguered as it is.

7.  Soap, toilets and the sewer system.

8.  PBS and NPR.

9.  Symphony, Theater, Ballet, Opera, Art Museums.

10.  Fiction and Poetry.

11.  Jogging, cycling, hiking, kayaking and camping.

12.  The re-election of Barack Obama, who, by his own admission, would have been considered a moderate Republican by 1980’s standards.

13.  All the other things I can’t think of at this senior moment.

New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  To get back to writing.

2.  To lose fifteen pounds by April 15.

3.  To suffer the bad drivers of Phoenix gladly.

4.  To stay out of the drama at the church to which I belong.

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