A Derisive Glance at the Stupidity, Insanity and Heresy of the National Obsession With Guns as God

Guns, guns everywhere

and so much blood

as we sit and drink our beer.

Guns, guns everywhere

and we can’t let the NRA fear

and not stand up for our rights.

No, it’s a religious quest —

something for which fights

are for the brightest (sic) and best (sic).

So we won’t give in to the State’s


We’ll fight because we believe

it is our Great God’s plan.

We sit, night after night, staring

dumbly and numbly — Boobs

staring at the tubes

and watch guns blazing on shows

and even on the news.

What fun we have watching

NCIS East and West

blazing away and making

jokes that are the best.

A Person of Interest’s enemy


while his genius boss makes

pretty bad jokes,

and the Hawaii 5-0 beach bums

kid each other while

the enemy croaks.

We get our thrill


and watch and watch


We need those guns to blast

our enemies as

they might come through our doors

with no delay

and the false laws will never

stand in the way

of our Second Amendment rights

and never, ever take

our good God, God granted,

Godly guns away.

Those big mag rifles are our lovers;

We love to stroke the barrel

Or me and my brother’s name

ain’t Darrell and Darrell.

Glocks are our salvation.

Without them there

is no redemption,

So, don’t worry NRA,

they will never, ever

take our guns away.

They cannot take God


They will never take God


Charlton Heston, God rest his

soul, was wrong.

Do you understand?

They cannot pry God

From a cold, dead hand,

Not even when all

Our hands are cold and


God bless America, land

that we militia love.

Yes, I’m a Yankee Doodle

Ding Dong, A

Yankee Wobble head,

do and die.

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