Where is Mr. Rogers When You Need Him?

He would rather watch

Anthony Bourdain


drink himself silly on

a layover in Atlanta


or some exotic place

than all those shot,


mutilated, annihilated on

TV shows as entertainment


without even having had

the benefit of drinking a drop


of booze or ingesting

delicious, delectable


delights for thirty-six

hours with Tony before


he takes off for another

gun free destination.


If they had, they might be

alive today.


It seems like he can’t

watch a dramatic series


except something on

PBS without staring


down the barrel of

another assault weapon.


And a question came to

his mind.  Did any of


those scrawny, skinny

frail looking teenagers


or twenty something

boys with volcanic rage


get an idea out of the

most popular show on


TV – NCIS or its West

Coast cousin or Criminal


Minds to aid and abet

their own criminal minds?


It’s not a beautiful day in

the neighborhood, these


days.  He wonders where

Mr. Rogers is when you


need him?






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