All Because He Wanted the Twenty-One Bucks

Because he wanted the twenty-one bucks,

this is what they went through in this

wonderful, technologically sophisticated

age: the check sat lonely, unattended,

isolated and ignored for nine whole months.

When those snowbirds flew into Phoenix

and retrieved it from their mailbox, of

course it was beyond the viable ninety

day limit for cashing.  The wife said,

“I’ll just shred it.”  The husband of Dutch

descent, protested, “Twenty-one bucks

is twenty-one bucks. Happy hour here

we come.” So she called; they

got the twenty-one bucks and shortly

thereafter, the cable service was dis-

connected, in fact, cancelled.  What?

True. Why? After hours waiting for

someone at the cable company to

pick up the phone, a real human female

from Rochester, New York did answer.

She said she was going to put them on

hold to find out what had happened and

she and the conversation just went away.

The familiar sound of the recorded message

once again rang in his ear. He pushed #3

on the cell phone again, waited for

another eternity and finally another real human

female answered. She was from Arizona. For

some reason he started singing “Take

It Easy” by the Eagles into the phone.

He was running down the road trying

to lighten his load. The real human female

laughed. He almost cried while the

bars of the battery of his phone started

to disappear from phone fatigue. He told

the story all over again. The real human

female then declared that a reconnect

charge and a deposit would be required

to get the cable connection up and going

thus far exceeding the twenty-one buck

refund from nine months ago. He still

wanted to know why the disconnect.

Just a technologically sophisticated

glitch the real human female from the

company guessed. The reissue of

check for twenty-one bucks must have

triggered the computer generated action.

He didn’t think he should have to pay

for a computer glitch. The real human

female from Phoenix on the other end of

the line just sat in silence. He could hear

her loud and clear: “Hey, Glenn Frey

wannabe, do you want the connection

or not?” He pulled out his credit

card.  His wife just stared at him

as he went to recharge the cell


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