They Stopped for Happy Hour

They stopped for happy hour

At the new restaurant

In town which was featured

On channels 10 Fox and 11

Local public in Phoenix.

They saved the historical

Structure but

Missed the mark

On serving two

Historical structures.

Was any female waitress

Or bartender

Wearing other

Than a black bra

Over ample assets?

Was any server over

Twenty-three and

Anyone, including the

Gay guy, who postured

Cultural superiority,

Concerned about

Serving everyone

Or were they all-inclusive

Except for them –

The historical structures,

Who helped pay for the place

Who were diminished by

The staff but

Weren’t torn down,

And who were basically

Invisible except for the

Check which had a

Particularly large

Tip on it because one

Historical structure

Rejected the first

“Happy Hour” drink

As a short pour and the

New, young perky

Bartender was

Smart enough to please

The aged customer and

Ask if another could

Be poured? To which,

The historical structure

Said, “Let’s give it a

Try.” And so they did,

And so it is for the

Historical structures

Of Phoenix, Arizona.

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