I Met A Big, Burly Fellow

I met a big, burly fellow the other

day as he emerged

from the  pool.

He was in town for a big party.

He’s from a rural community in Texas

but he used to live in Tucson and started out in

Phoenix, a senior citizen’s lifetime ago.

After a few introductory remarks,

he launched into a diatribe against the dysfunctional

government and how all things in general are

crappy and how all the empty milk jugs are littering

the South Texas/South Arizona landscape

marring the beauty of the land.  I wondered, as he

emerged from the refreshing waters of the pool,

if he thought about the beauty of the water

that had been in those jugs to keep people who

crossed the border in the searing heat alive.

The jugs will be picked up; some will be recycled —

perhaps some made into art in a grade school project.

The landscape remains beautiful with or without

the jugs. People survive.  From the hot tub, as the

water swirled around me and as the water dripped

from the suit encompassing his ample girth, I

wished the fellow well.

2 thoughts on “I Met A Big, Burly Fellow

  1. And so it goes … he probably thought you were a sympathetic ear in that complex … or, didn’t give a damn what you thought, because he’s from Big Ass Texas and can say what he thinks, even if his thinking mechanism is damaged by too much hatred and fear. No sense tangling with a guy like that – he’s the proverbial tar baby; they all are. Best to stay away; he’s sinking his own ship, anyway. You’re a good man for not wasting any time with him.

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