Convincing People is Always the Problem

Convincing people is always the problem, isn’t it?

Drive on the roads of San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles

or Chicago, and in just a few minutes you realize that

if the philosophy of “enlightened” self-interest

were not at work, at least to some degree,

there would be war.


And there is…on the Dan Ryan during rush hour

which is any hour.  In view of Sears Tower two guys

with road rage wage war with bottles

and spit and sticks and stones and words

that further fuel the fight.


And there is, everyday in every way.


A church is in chaos because of a manipulative, narcissistic

minister.  The under shepherd of Jesus is dividing and

conquering and the majority go along like

lemmings. No questions, please.


A housing association is about to deny renters access to the

beach for God only knows what reason but you could

probably not look far to find  the “territorial

imperative,” and a rush to judgment

and a fast vote. No questions, please.


A condo association in Phoenix is considering all options

in getting rid of a yapping dog up to and perhaps

including shooting the dog and

maybe the owner, too.

No questions, please.


An evangelical, messianic, Jewish Christian didn’t know

how much “foreign aid” the US gives to Israel

but any amount would be fine and

thinks the US needs to stop aiding

Egypt, read Muslim. No questions,



And a young, dying vet who volunteered after 9/11

got blown mostly to bits in his first week in

Iraq and has been dying ever since and

sends a love letter to Bush and Cheney –

the most searing indictment to date.


And vets sign up or get drafted as it was

back in the day and get sent to war in

San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles,

Chicago, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan,

in housing and condo associations,

gated communities, the mean

streets of New York and,

of course, church.


And all this at the same time in Einstein’s

time/space continuum: past, present,

future, together wherever we

go, whatever we do, we’re

going to go through it

together, as ever.


And in all the same times and all the same spaces

and places including the one time/space/place

that’s quiet and whispers to deaf ears,

“It’s always the most difficult

convincing myself that

I am the problem.”

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