But It Is Scary to Take That Step

Someone said, “We have to fire him,”

but there was no one to take his place,

so they just shrug their shoulders

and continue their journey on

into the dark.


The small child hugs the abusive

parent’s leg and clings because

there is no one to take that parent’s

place, so they journey on

into the dark.


We are all frightened of the void,

of the dark, of the vacuum

seemingly sucking life from us

as we continue along the journey

into  the dark.


Plato’s Cave had light at the door

that the philosopher king saw

reflected in the shadows on the

wall as most sat staring

into the dark.


Paul said the true Bright Morning Star,

barely visible in the East, broke

down the dividing wall of hostility

and even Paul no longer stared

into the dark.


But it is scary to take that step into

the outstretched arms of the One who

stands at the edge of the dark asking

us to trust that it is the way

into the light.

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