They Were Interviewed

They were interviewed in their

kitchen. Actually, we were, too.

A reporter asked to interview us,

newly wedded widowers, seven-

teen years ago. We said sure. He

took a photo and the article appear-

ed in the human interest section

of the weekend edition of the

local paper. This, however, was

about a T.V. ad with incredibly

attractive actors trying to look like

ordinary, middle-age folk just hang-

ing out in their super cool kitchen

while being a bit disheveled, but

still really, enviably, cool looking

while extolling the virtues (Was

that a twinkle in his eye and a

smirky smile on his face?) of a

vitamin for the over fifty-five

crowd. I wondered if a film crew

would show up in our very contemp-

orary kitchen, much more contemp-

orary than the one in the photo seven-

teen years ago, to film me and my wife

if we started consuming these vitamins.

Um, probably not.  No, definitely, not,

but, hey, we had our day in the sun,

really, informally, disheveledly cool

for our little town.  I still have a

copy, somewhere. I think. Honey!

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