He Saw a Scene on T.V.

He saw a scene on T.V. and the

victim of rape, a young, minority

female in a hospital had a necklace

with a relatively small unobtrusive

cross on it, and he began to wonder

about the cross.  Some say, it means

that God’s anger against humanity

was satisfied with God committing

the ultimate infanticide by killing

off God’s son – negative, no matter

Augustine’s and Anselm’s credentials,

and then he thought about tragic,

premature death that has had him, from

time to time, in a maelstrom sucking

him down into darkness and then he

thought about standing in a small

kitchen all by himself and screaming

bloody murder and lifting his clenched

fist and arm in anger to the heavens

and then seeing, in his mind’s eye, the

cross, one that looked a lot like the one

worn by that T.V. young victim of rape

and knowing then and all these years later,

that we are loved and we will persevere.

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