The Kid Said His Parents Were Enablers

The kid said his parents were enablers.

He wears a gray, hoody sweatshirt;

He has bangs and he just sold social

Technology for a billion plus and

He’s being interviewed on late night

T.V.  He said he gives completely

Everyday to enabling art and film

Forward whatever that means and

The enabling goes on and on. He

Seems like a wonderfully nice kid

Addressing his frustration and

Addressing his career and his legacy

At twenty-eight or maybe something

Short of that, and that’s interesting.

What will he be thinking in forty-

Years when he is sixty-eight, if he

Makes it there?  In a moment of

Candor, he did say he knows nothing

Of history. When will the ever elusive

Sophia be interviewed up close and

Personal instead of the kid with bangs

Posing as the Oracle of Delphi who

Has been enabled by his parents,

Left school and made a gazillion dollars

Overnight and brags that a former

Presidential cabinet member and professor

Who didn’t drop out of school in eighth

Grade but went on for his Ph.D. uses

That site, as if to give it credibility?

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