He Is a Native American Alcoholic

He is a Native American alcoholic,

bi-polar poet, whose stories are his

God and not the Hebrew,

Christian, Muslim nor even the Native

American God or Gods – Mother Earth,

Father Sun, et. al.

He is an angry prophet mad for his

people but mad at his people, too – all of

them who have killed

themselves with booze including most of

the people in his family, clan, tribe, nation.

He reminds me of my late

friend, a German American, alcoholic, bi-

polar genius with an encyclopedic mind

and poetic voice haunted

by the suicide of his father thirty years

before my friend put a gun to his head

and pulled the trigger —

an angry Lakota, an angry German Amer-

ican from North Dakota – a lonely Native

American poetic voice for

justice, a now silent poetic, operatic voice

of exquisite beauty heard only in the hearts of

his conflicted loved ones

– the two separated only by a hair’s

breadth or more vividly a hare’s

breath on the frozen Dakota


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