My Wife Went To See Our Family Physician

My wife went to see our family physician

About a clogged up nose, sinus and throat condition.

He poked and prodded and looked deep in her eye

And said, “It’s off to the allergist you must fly.”

So appointment was kept and flow meter my wife blows,

And the allergist says, “It’s off to doctor of ears, throat and nose.

Well, he prescribed Mucinex D in loads full on a boat,

And wouldn’t you know it, it cleared up her ears, nose and throat.

But now the N.S.A. sees a person of interest not her nose

And wants to know if she’s cooking up meth on our stoves.

And now my wife breathes through her nose much fresher

But the thought of the N.S.A. has raised her blood pressure.

So it was off to see our family physician

About my wife’s elevated blood pressure condition,

But as we drove into the physician’s parking lot

Two men in blue suits approached and thickened the plot.

My wife looked at me and said, “Let’s get out of this spot.

They need to legalize medical weed; I could use a few puffs of pot.”

And so we drove off into the sunset without a clue

And thankfully this saga is almost through,

Until, on down the line, the N.S.A. in future years

Concocts a meth story and ignites my wife’s fears.

Hopefully, by the future (Who knows what time?)

Possessing and smoking dope in Mich.will be just fine

As it is in sunny Colorado’s present time

With a Rocky Mountain High without a fine.

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