Not Perfectly But Perfidy

Not perfectly

but perfidy as

in purr-fidd-ee,

an onomatopoeia

twirling rrrr’s

sweet as a sweet

Calico cat who

purrs from a perch

for Alice and

her and our wonder-


then pounces

like a lion or 

a Bengal tiger

upon its prey –


a cunning,

cagey cat –


deceitful, un-

trustworthy – and

so the treasonous

one was named by

the whistleblower,

career defender of the

people and the fourth

amendment who

helped develop the

vehicle to help

defend the nation

and protect

the rights of the

people from un-

constitutional, il-

legal invasion, but

whose work was

bypassed in the

name of national

security, risked it

all and

named the Bad Guy,

paid the price,

and, once again,

we have met

the enemy and the

“perfidy that is actually

on the inside of the

secret side of govern-

ment,” is that for whom

we voted. And, probably,

this is being monitored.

Hey, Y’all. Come back,


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