We Met the Viper

We met the viper along the trail

but never did we think we would

meet him again on the landing of

our condo. He sweet-talked his way

into our home and spun a tale; the

rattling behind him should have been

a give away, but, on face value, he

was such a charming snake with

such a pretty tail.  We gave him the

keys to our kingdom, left for the

summer and waited and waited to

hear from him about his end of the

bargain, but that end just rattled and

rattled.  How do you shake hands

with a snake? I felt the firm grip,

but now I rub my fingers together

and feel only slippery skin.The

snake in the grass sleeps in our

bed with quiet tail curled around

the post. Now, it’s in the hands of

the sheriff to uncoil the tail of the

teller of tales while we, Adam and

Eve, look back from somewhere east

of Eden.

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