What’s a Life Worth These Days?

The international authority stated that it

would cost a mere ninety cents per blue-

jean to keep a Bangladesh garment factory

safe. Buyers, those in the layers of profits,

negotiate for just that – 87,85,80,75?  How

low will the shop owner go and still make

a profit?  Can you blame them?  Hey, a per-

son, and corporations are now persons, has

to make a living. From the discount stores

with the discount jeans for twenty-two

bucks to the elite names for beaucoup

bucks all starting at 90 cents for safety.

Only all those female factory workers don’t

make a profit. They just don’t want to burn

to a crisp. Five-hundred did.  Let’s see.  At

just one cent less than safe, 89, that is, per

five hundred garment workers, that’s one

cent divided by 500 human beings equating

to .00002 dollars per burned to a crisp

Bangladeshi female garment worker.

Hey, a guy and a corporation have to

make a profit.

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