the forty-fourth president

the forty-fourth president of the

united states of america, first

half black, half white man to

occupy the office, if he doesn’t

do anything else for the country

in his eight years in office, will

have exposed the persistent

underbelly of hateful, disgusting

racism and bigotry dirty like the

belly of an opossum that tries to

find legitimacy through outrageous,

contemptible behavior by duly elected

officials not to mention the jowly southern

opossum, who migrated from some-

where farther south; the president

responding to criticism that he doesn’t

reach across the aisle often enough

asked who would  want to socialize

with what might be considered a bottom

feeding, tree-limb hanging by his big,

fat tail and what looks like a western

roof rat that sucks the life out of nutritious

oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit

and other nutritious things gentle-


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