Economics Over People

thousands of former city

workers like retired worker

bees or colonies of ants,

not the unemployed victims

of  stereotypical prejudice

characterized as welfare slugs

and even worse on the economy,

will get a few pennies on the

dollar in their pensions because

da gov. and da emergency man-

ager decided the time was short

and progress had to be made

and enough was enough. In

light of the news that so many

would lose so much, they both

sounded empathic, no emphatic

when they said something like,

“that’s too bad, but the city will have

a great opportunity now economic-

ally to move forward.”  what

about moving forward morally

and ethically toward all those

who worked all those years?

what is enough is to pay those

workers 100 cents on every dollar.

it was the agreement, guaranteed

or not. if da gov thinks that starting

anew on the backs of those bees and

ants who paid their due, maybe da

gov should consider forking over

a part of his personal accumulated

wealth and co-opting the west

michigan billionaires to pony up

so the hapless retirees can continue

to contribute to the economy and the

city can still rise like a michigan

phoenix from the ashes of complex

factors such as the pollutants of

bias, prejudice, incompetence,

greed, stupidity, hubris and a

dozen other factors and a whole

lot of sinful social behavior

which have nothing to do with

people who have worked all

those years and should be the

darlings of the gop’s call

to fiscal responsibility but

apparently are not. did I

just hear the nerdy guy say,

“let dem eat cake”?


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