I Don’t Think Jesus Meant This When He Said, “Go and Do Likewise.”

“One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.” — Joseph Stalin

People use the word

evil glibly and a lot –-

this person is evil;

mass murderers are

evil; somebody’s sister-

in-law is evil; all religions

other than mine are evil;

the proverbial mother-in-

law is evil; of course, Dick

Cheney is evil, but when

I think of so very scary, skin-

crawling, stop-you-in-your-

steps evil, I remember the

story of the perfect, older son

who shot himself, accident-

ally they said but not really

accidentally, with the shotgun

his parents had given him as a

birthday present. On the very

imperfect surviving younger

son’s birthday following the

dubious death of his perfect

older brother, the younger

son’s grief-stricken parents

presented him with the gift

of his perfect older brother’s



5 thoughts on “I Don’t Think Jesus Meant This When He Said, “Go and Do Likewise.”

  1. As you suggest, evil is in the perception. For myself, there is a huge leap between evil, the gift of a shotgun, suicide, re-gifting the shotgun and then a return jump to evil [especially to Dick Cheney evil].

  2. Hey, Jess, if you do not like skipping to Dick Cheney as evil, try obscene. Try 5,000 American soldiers and a million Iraqis and Afghanis dead = obscene = George Bush. Or, if you are my age, try 58,000 American soldiers and many millions of Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodes and Mhong dead = obscene = JFK/LBJ/RMN. Oh, hell, make it simple: WAR = OBSCENE.

    • Berbiglia, Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. Still, I maintain that drawing a parallel between gifting/re-gifting a shotgun and “Dick Cheney evil” is a tremendous leap.

  3. Jess: sorry I was a little harsh there! I saw in the Cheney and shotgun parallel that neither the parents nor Cheney seemed to realize their internal Evil that caused them to continue their obscene behavior.

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