What Later Would Be

What later would be named

the Everly Brothers’ Lodge

served as the Old Kentucky

State Park home to a speech

by an Illinois Yankee in Gov.

John Y. Brown’s Court on

the relationship between

Christianity and Shake-

speare. It seemed like a broad

subject for a one hour present-

ation but presumably not for the

young, wet-behind-the-ears, full-

of-himself preacher with only a

B.A. in English (and not that

good of grades) and a newly

minted Master of Divinity



Years later, toting a doctorate but

toiling away as the low-man on

the proverbial totem pole, front-

line spiritual-care-giver with hos-

pice, a step or two below the

social workers and a drone’s

distance from the Queen Bee

nurses, he gave a lecture to

inquiring seniors at a lifelong,

learning class at a local college

on the Hindu and Buddhist seven

Chakra in relation to Christianity

and later a class to Protestants as

a Protestant on healing and contemp-

lative prayer in the Roman Catholic

mystic tradition.


Retired, he wonders at the auda-

city of the Kentucky kid and smiles

at the presumed acumen of the

middle-aged chaplain while he,

now an inquiring senior citizen

himself, simply wonders about

Christianity, period.

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